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As you’ve gotten older, do you look back at all the things your parents and grandparents said to you?

All the advice they gave but you never took?

All the times you were in a rush for them to get to the end of the story?

When they started a sentence with the words “in my day….” and you tried not to roll your eyes?

Conversations with my mother is about sitting down and listening to those stories….my mum’s stories.

Her stories might resonate, if your own parents or grandparents are getting on in age and who enjoy reminiscing about the past.

So join me as I walk my mother, Toni Bernardy, down memory lane, from her childhood in the 1940s, through to the fifties, swinging sixties and beyond.

Music by Piananino on AudioJungle

Podcast artwork by Podcastcoverology

Thank you to our family for their help in putting together this podcast and most of all to mum for sharing her incredible memories.

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